Whither Must I Wander



Are you ready? Okay, here goes. My kid sister and I are throwing caution, work and high school into the wind and trekking around the United Kingdom and Ireland (with a brief pit stop in Paris) for just over three weeks. I've set up this travel/photo blog at the behest of friends and family (okay, two friends and one family member) and while I consider blogs in general to be slightly vainglorious, the show-off in me has won. That being said, I have no idea how often we'll be able to update as who knows how connected we'll be on, say, the Dingle Peninsula or whilst tramping o'er th' moors.

My sister, The Pants, is completely against this blog altogether, however, she doesn't realize that her resistance will render her defenseless against any depictions of her antics, be they written depictions or pictoral. And I virtually guarantee the antics.

If you're unfamiliar, The Pants and I bookend a set of five siblings, so there's a significant age gap which I'm sure will make for an interesting few weeks. Our relationship is tempestuous at best and I hope that I, as the elder, can compose myself. Not to paint an unflattering picture, of course - she is nothing short of delightful and being the younger sister she is tres fun and much more cute.

Tally ho.


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