Whither Must I Wander


She's Losing It

Days like this I wish I drank coffee, even if it tasted like washing-up. The panic of the past few days has been replaced by a sort of numb terror, but I've embraced it and made it my own. Even though I got an email from Tara telling me that due to crazy goings-on in her flat, we may all have to stay in a hostel. Not exactly in our plans, but it's all about flexibility, or so I keep telling myself.

11:30 pm, last night. Jack Bauer is givin me the stink eye for the empty suitcase...

2:00 am

But I finally blocked this. If you can point it out in upcoming photos, you'll get a prize. For real.

I am clearly secure with myself to post such a flattering picture - post concert with smudge-y eye makeup and sweaty hair. I never said this was a happy place, folks, I just tell it like it is. And by the way, who told the under 18's that "moshing" = bouncing around and jamming elbows in my ribs? Seriously, guys, enough already.

Geez, I gotta get outta here.


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