Whither Must I Wander


Common People

Want to speak like the common people...?

"I'm knackered after slavin' at the TopShop and this to'ally mingin' slapper 'ad the gall to nick the last sarnie at M&S!"

This sentance? The reason I would move to London. So many fabulous things - knackered, mingin', TopShop, M&S...I could go on. Due to hostel internet access, the pictures may be limited at first, but I'll try to add them later.

So far, I *heart* the UK! It's even better than I remembered from a long 12 years ago, or maybe that's 13? London is amazing. You might be walking through Trafalgar Square and notice a free concert going on. Who's playing? Maybe Belle & Sebastian. Seriously. And if it's important to you, celebrities everywhere. We may have taken a stroll past Ewan McGregor's. But no pictures. Even I have some standards. And a shout out to my super cousin Tara and her friend Sarah who graciously allowed us to stay with them, free of charge, and toured us around their new home. Don't worry ladies, we'll make it up to you for sure.

Anyway, after a whirlwind four days of shopping and sightseeing, The Pants and I hightailed it to King's Cross and jumped a train to Leeds then another to Keighley where we hitched a bus to the teeny tiny village of Haworth, home to our ancestors, no less. On the way, we listened to a little Kate Rusby and Pulp to pay homage to the area of Yorkshire. Not sure if small towns are the way to go when it's just two of you, but I still enjoyed the slice of small town British life. The best part was trying to convince The Pants that there was no movie theatre. "But, how can there not be?" she asked, confused. This is just one of many moments that affirmed her distaste for small town living, and why we will most likely have to forgo the Dingle Peninsula and head to Galway instead. 17, a glorious age. Although I'm sure I was no picnic either. Then or now.

On that note, I'm not sure it was such a good idea for us to travel together. As she reminded me, no one ever thought it would be a good idea, but I guess we're stuck with it now. Oy.

After a day in York (freaking beautiful!) we're now in Edinburgh. I listened to a steady stream of Idlewild on the way in honor of the city and after the desk agent said the phrase "freak of nature" in his lovely accent, I was won over. We'll be off shortly to explore and shop some more. The UK is taking all my money and I'm letting it happen.

Wish us luck, kids! Hope you're not bored and I'll hope to update more and get some pictures on here...


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