Whither Must I Wander


Still Fighting It

What are we still fighting? Everything. Traffic, other travelers, pedestrians, train officials, each other...the list goes on. I'm probably being dramatic, but today is a day of fatigue. We're just over half way, and I can't shake the feeling that I'm not doing everything I should be, making the most of the trip, y'know? I guess I could take every moment and squeeze until I'm wrung out, but... I don't know. Frustrated today, I guess.

Saw some of the murals in Belfast yesterday and the barbed wire on a lot of the back walls and fences. Not on purpose, either. I may have gotten us a little lost. Whoops. It was a little scary, even though I know 'The Troubles' are over. We went to the Ulster museum today and it gave a bit of insight into Belfast history. Fascinating but sad.

Belfast is so far the city most like home, which is a comparison I did not anticipate making. I'm not sure exactly why, but it feels a lot like Edmonton. The Pants agrees. Who knew?

I've accepted the fact that this trip is not about nature and backpacking and scenery, although there's a bit of that going on. It's more a survey of the cities, and getting to know them on foot and experiencing the life of a Londoner, a Glaswegian or...you get the picture. I'm fine with this and I really enjoy it because I'm a city girl at heart, but we meet other people who are going hiking in Scotland or touring the coast of Ireland and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I'd love to see more remote places, but when it's two girls on foot and limited funds, side trips are really difficult, as Haworth proved in spades. Validation, anyone?

Galway tomorrow.


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