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Five Things I Love About Eu(rope)

Por mi amiga Diana, la chica que ama listas. Especialmente los “Top 5’s”.

Top 5 Little Things I Loved About ‘The Trip’ in NPO (sorry for any repeats)

1. The Drunken Irish Men. I’m sorry to propagate a stereotype, but it started with the seemingly sober man walking up to me and my sister, lurching forward unexpectedly and slurring “The two o’ yas, yar gahrgeous, yes yar.” Hi-larious. And there were more, oh so many more, from Belfast to Dublin.

2. Greek Style Plain Yogurt. Those Brits have got it all figured out, at least in the yogurt department. I’ve been on a mission to find it since returning and succeeded just a mere few days ago whilst burrowing through the dairy case in Safeway. Who knew? It was twice the price of the yogurt from Sainsbury’s but I did not care. And it is fabulous, 18g of fat and 9 million calories be damned.

3. The smell in the air while floating down the Seine, and the accompanying feeling that everything everywhere, both in and around my life, was perfect. Even if it only lasted a scant three minutes.

4. Cheap books everywhere. Three brand new books for 10 quid? Yes, please! I did not, however, love the 30 Euros I had to pay when flying to Paris because of the (ahem) extra weight. Exactly how many did I buy? Well…

4a. This book nearly ruined my life. I realize it is not inherently European, but that's where I started reading it, and I needed to mention it somewhere. I knew it was going to be one of those books and I refused to sully it by finishing on the plane, so I holed up for a few hours upon my return. Let's just say that no book has ever come even close to gutting me the way this one did. Is this a good thing? No se.

5. Getting lost in Islington with Jax and her friend Richelle. On our way to the Tate Modern from Camden Town, we got on the wrong bus and ended up in North-ish London. But would I have had the experience of wandering ‘round Islington with the starry-eyed hopes of running into Nick Hornby otherwise? No. And to my dismay, no N. H.

Esta bien? Gracias por visitar! Y excuse por favor mi Espanol horrible.


  • I love that in a small way I made your list via 4a. Yup, it was one of the most tragic books I've ever read, beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:49 AM  

  • Gracias, chica! I love the list, and also that you humered me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:29 PM  

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