Whither Must I Wander


Little Sister

This is not an obituary nor a tribute, but a desire to express my gratitude, I guess, for my favorite and only sister, 10 years younger, 20 years wiser, much prettier, surprisingly clumsy and gut-wrenchingly hilarous.

- I was thrilled when she was born. After three younger brothers I was dying for some female companionship, even if it was in infant form.

- When she starts to cry, her face looks the same as it did when she was a baby.

- She's very empathetic (towards anyone but me) and abhors passing judgement on others.

- Her eye for fashion astounds. It's astonishing.

- Our entire family is terrified of her on some level.

- She wrote one of the best songs I've ever heard, entitled "I'm Stuck, There's Nothing To Do".

- She also wrote a short story called 'The Wall-ed Knight'. It's about a knight behind a wall.

- We've honed the knack of speaking like movie stars in the '40's and also Audrey Hepburn.

- Her stuffed animals have always been called by their respective species. Eg) Cow, Dog, Panda, Shark (I gave her the shark.)

- She never fails to chime in with the comments my grandmother once made on my singlehood: "You're doing just great, you don't get down on yourself, you don't get depressed..."

- I have saved several of her emails because they make me laugh out loud.

- For some reason, probably my fault, she assumes that I'm an ATM.

- I used to call her the 'Razor Tongued She-Devil'. It was (and still can be) fitting.

- She and her friend who has the same name as her made a movie for school last year about her stuffed cow falling in love with a flashlight. It also featured a hobo.

- She recently discovered texting and has sent me several random texts, the first of which read, "I always thought it such a shame that there was no such thing as banana juice."

- I find her obsessions with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sophia Coppola and Sherlock Holmes hysterical/endearing.

Et voila, c'est ma souer. She's now graduated high school and spending a large portion of the summer in Montreal so our time before I leave will be cut short. While there are times when sororicide seems logical, I wouldn't get rid of my sister for anything. Ever.