Whither Must I Wander



As a birthday present to myself I took a few days and headed to Vancouver to visit my friend S. I hadn't been there since I was 9, so it was a pretty much a brand new city to me. S. and her roommate E. were fantastic hostesses and showed me a rip-roarin' time in ol' Vancouver - thanks, ladies!

Apparently the Calgary International Airport provides broken hearts, supposedly along with defibrulator services.

The harbor by Granville Island, right by a shack called 'Go Fish' that served the absolute best salmon and chips I've ever eaten. Traveling is all about food, yes?

Little white flowers in the grass on Granville Island after dropping considerable cash on pretty new accessories.

The view from Stanley Park.

Me in front of said view.

Sarah and me, after a delicious, fantastic dinner at Toshi, her favorite sushi restaurant, also known as 'the Second Coming of sushi'.

E., my new friend and also a Toshi afficionado. I did have more than one shirt.

From the beach at sunset. This was also accompanied by S.'s bang-on Boyd K. Packer impersonations. Seriously, I got chills.

Me in the Naitobe gardens at UBC - stunning Japanese garden. I hung around campus with E. for a bit my last day and almost cried because I am not a grad student there. Maybe in a few years...? The entire trip I kept saying to myself, "WHY do I live in Calgary?" If I didn't already have a plane ticket across the ocean, I'd move out there so crazy fast...