Whither Must I Wander


Two Weeks Notice

Turns out the best thing about giving notice is the option to be mysterious. Due to the reason that certain people in my organization would make me a spectacle for their own gain, I've decided to keep my plans for Glasgow on the QT. My offical and truthful story is that I'm taking time off to re-evaluate my situation. I just happen to be doing it overseas. A number of people know, but I made a point of telling everyone to keep quiet about it. Now that the main perpetrators are on holiday, I'm a little more free about telling people. But it's really a delight to answer nosy-parkers with 'nowhere' when they ask where I'm going and noting their alarmed/jealous/disdainful reactions. But hopefully they don't take my response metaphorically...


21 Days Later...

Three weeks left. I try not to think about it too much while planning etc. because it fills me with a sort of paralyzing anxiety. And that's not fun. But if I do think about it, I try to think about happy things like the new wardrobe I plan to buy and the M&S sandwiches I plan to consume. Yes, consumerism is a safe topic to think about. However, then I start thinking about money and whether or not I'll find a job...see, there goes that pesky anxiety again. Deep breaths. Okay.