Whither Must I Wander


Week 2

Hey y'all. For some reason none of my internet connections have been letting me onto blogger, but today we've apparently had a breakthrough. Huzzah. So yes, here we are in Week 2. I'm still alive, am going to buy a new purse today because my other one is KILLING my shoulder and have eaten a lot of Hob Nobs. Things are better this week. Possibly because I'm no longer jet lagged. Jet lag does crazy things to me, like causes me to wander around cities, trying unsuccessfully to hold back tears, wondering what the hell I'm doing. But the lag is gone so things are better. I've resigned myself to the fact that I might have to live in the hostel for awhile (crap crap crap) but I have a little routine so I feel more in control. Funny the things we do.
As soon as I find an adaptor for my camera plug (one of many things I don't have) I can post some pictures. Until then, I'll tell you that things are green, it rains a lot, and old sandstone buildings are cool.


Inner City Pressure

I am here. I'm not sure why. Why did I want to do this? I can't remember. Maybe it's the jet lag, maybe the lack of hygeine, but I'm mildly freaking out. Hopefully tomorrow is better.
Could hardly understand my cab driver - it was awesome!


My Cubicle Without Me

An empty desk,
No Dwight Schrute statue
SNC, I'm laughing at you.

Or maybe just smirking.