Whither Must I Wander


She Moves In Her Own Way

What I Learned This Weekend:

The May long weekend invariably stinks. Usually the weather is crap-ola, usually I try to have some sort of birthday celebration but everyone's out of town and then I usually get bummed because I'm getting older. Then I realize that I'm being a big baby and why don't I just grow the heck up?

This did not happen this particular weekend.

The weather did indeed suck, and I also had to move most of my belongings into storage which resulted in exhaustion and my trick knee giving out, but I did have a birthday party (am I 5?) with friends and another with family and good times were had. So I'm happy.

I also learned that I am probably the worst waitress ever. Among many other mishaps, I have dropped two beer bottles (empty, thank heavens) on two separate people in the past week. How I have not been fired I do not know. Fortunately I've managed to coast through life on my good looks, seems to still be working...


Little Sister

This is not an obituary nor a tribute, but a desire to express my gratitude, I guess, for my favorite and only sister, 10 years younger, 20 years wiser, much prettier, surprisingly clumsy and gut-wrenchingly hilarous.

- I was thrilled when she was born. After three younger brothers I was dying for some female companionship, even if it was in infant form.

- When she starts to cry, her face looks the same as it did when she was a baby.

- She's very empathetic (towards anyone but me) and abhors passing judgement on others.

- Her eye for fashion astounds. It's astonishing.

- Our entire family is terrified of her on some level.

- She wrote one of the best songs I've ever heard, entitled "I'm Stuck, There's Nothing To Do".

- She also wrote a short story called 'The Wall-ed Knight'. It's about a knight behind a wall.

- We've honed the knack of speaking like movie stars in the '40's and also Audrey Hepburn.

- Her stuffed animals have always been called by their respective species. Eg) Cow, Dog, Panda, Shark (I gave her the shark.)

- She never fails to chime in with the comments my grandmother once made on my singlehood: "You're doing just great, you don't get down on yourself, you don't get depressed..."

- I have saved several of her emails because they make me laugh out loud.

- For some reason, probably my fault, she assumes that I'm an ATM.

- I used to call her the 'Razor Tongued She-Devil'. It was (and still can be) fitting.

- She and her friend who has the same name as her made a movie for school last year about her stuffed cow falling in love with a flashlight. It also featured a hobo.

- She recently discovered texting and has sent me several random texts, the first of which read, "I always thought it such a shame that there was no such thing as banana juice."

- I find her obsessions with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sophia Coppola and Sherlock Holmes hysterical/endearing.

Et voila, c'est ma souer. She's now graduated high school and spending a large portion of the summer in Montreal so our time before I leave will be cut short. While there are times when sororicide seems logical, I wouldn't get rid of my sister for anything. Ever.


Material Girl

This is not bragging. It's excitement. And fear. Of my bank balance. I purchased three things today:

A MacBook. Eeek! And I am NOT a victim of advertising, it was suggested to me as an alternative to Dell and I'm taking the plunge. Cannot wait 'til it arrives...

Tickets to The White Stripes. June 29th. Floor seats! Sweet merciful crap. I don't care if Jack White is married to a super model - he will be mine. I've been waiting for this for a loooong time.

Adorable adorable flats. Looked everywhere for flats I didn't hate and of course the only ones I loved were at Browns. Naturally. Why spend $30 at Payless when you can shell out more than 3x that?

At this rate I'm going to be on the streets when I hit Glasgow...yikes. Somebody stop me.